Hawaiian Volcanic Organic Farm Institute

Welcome to Paradise, where Nature meets Nurture in a Symphony of Tropical Bliss!

Immersive Learning with Homely Comfort
Whether you’re Diving into our 10-day Organic Training Courses or deeply immersing yourself in our 21-day Full Immersion Program, your comfort is our priority. By welcoming just 1 or 2 students at a time, we ensure a personalized and hands-on learning experience for all our Students.

Stay Choices in Our Comfortable Residence

Poolside Nature-View Room

  • Wake up to the sight of nature’s best, looking out at the jungle on one side, and at Pool Courtyard on the other!
  • Inclusive of a full private shower and bath.
  • Comes equipped with an in-room refrigerator for all your fresh picks.

Cozy Downstairs Room

  • Intimate and easily accessible.
  • Full accommodations with a Private shower and bathroom.

A Green Culinary Experience

Dive deep into the world of vegetarian cuisine. Your kitchen will always be filled with organic, farm-fresh produce. Revel in the purity and freshness of ingredients that are a testament to our organic commitment.

Please Note: We are a serene, Vegetarian Only Facility. For the health and well-being of all our guests, no meat, smoking, or drugs are permitted on the premises.

Ready for a transformative organic experience amidst the beauty of Hawaii? Reach out today to book your spot or learn more.

Esteemed Guests

Exclusive Amenities for Our Esteemed Guests

  • Guest Kitchen & Dining Area

    Reserved space for our Students to whip up delicious meals. Stocked with fresh garden and greenhouse veggies and all the essentials for vegetarian meals.

  • Courtyard Swimming Pool

    Bask under the Hawaiian sun or take a refreshing dip.

  • Sauna Room

    Rejuvenate and detoxify amidst gentle warmth.

  • Guest Gym

    Keep up with your fitness regimen or start a new one with us!

Our Comfortable Residence Gallery