Agricultural Business Planning and Management Course

Agricultural Business Planning and Management Course, titled "Turning Passion into Profit"

Rick H Cabados

  • Overview
  • Curricculum
  • Mentor

Introduction (20 minutes)

  • Welcome
  • Course objectives


Identifying your Passion (30 minutes)

  • Recognizing what makes you tick
  • Examining your interests in agriculture
  • Exercise: Identifying your agricultural passion


Basic Business Principles (30 minutes)

  • Introduction to business concepts
  • Importance of a business plan
  • Identifying your target market


Turning Passion into Profit (30 minutes)

  • How to transform your passion into a viable business
  • Identifying market needs and opportunities
  • Case study: Successful agricultural businesses started from a passion


Business Planning (40 minutes)

  • Elements of a business plan
  • Step-by-step guide to creating a business plan
  • Exercise: Start drafting your business plan


Financial Planning (40 minutes)

  • Understanding agricultural business finances
  • How to create a financial plan
  • Exercise: Start developing your financial plan


Marketing your Business (40 minutes)

  • Fundamentals of marketing
  • Digital marketing for agricultural businesses
  • Case study: Effective marketing strategies in agriculture
  • Exercise: Start planning your marketing strategy


Business Management (40 minutes)

  • Core principles of business management
  • How to effectively manage your agricultural business
  • Exercise: Identify potential challenges and solutions in managing your business


Conclusion and Next Steps (10 minutes)

  • Recap of the course
  • Final thoughts and advice
  • What to do after the course

Chapter 1: Introduction (20 minutes)

Chapter 2: Identifying your Passion (30 minutes)

Chapter 3: Basic Business Principles (30 minutes)

Chapter 4: Turning Passion into Profit (30 minutes)

Chapter 5: Business Planning (40 minutes)

Chapter 6: Financial Planning (40 minutes)

Chapter 7: Marketing your Business (40 minutes)

Chapter 8: Business Management (40 minutes)

Chapter 9: Conclusion and Next Steps (10 minutes)


Robert Breton

About Mentor

About: With a PhD in Soil Sciences from the University of Agronomy, Dr. John Greenfield has over 10 years of experience in the field of organic farming. He has been instrumental in pioneering sustainable practices that maintain soil health. A published author of three books on organic agriculture, Dr. John believes in imparting knowledge that ensures a better future for our planet.

Specialization: Soil Science and Sustainability

Knowledge Is Power
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