Greenhouse Construction Course

Greenhouse Construction Course: Building with Galvanized Steel

Robert Breton

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Course Overview:

  • Overview



  • Benefits of greenhouses
  • Overview of the greenhouse we'll construct


Tools and Materials (15 minutes)

  • Introduction to tools: pipe bender, fence post pound, saw, etc.
  • Choosing the right galvanized steel pipe
  • Picking out the best 6 mm clear greenhouse covering
  • Optional materials: side panels, framing materials, greenhouse flooring


Foundation and Framework (1 hour)

  • Pounding 1 5/8” galvanized steel pipe into the ground
  • Bending 21 foot long 1 3/8” galvanized steel pipe with a pipe bender
  • Joining and fixing pipes
  • Safety measures and tips


Covering Your Greenhouse (45 minutes)

  • Properly measuring and cutting the 6 mm clear greenhouse covering
  • Attaching and securing the cover to the frame
  • Tips to ensure durability and longevity


Incorporating Ventilation (30 minutes)

  • Benefits of side panel ventilation
  • Installation methods
  • Determining optimal ventilation levels


Back and Front Framing (30 minutes)

  • Framing in the back using 2”x4” for screen support
  • Framing the front and installing a door
  • Safety precautions during framing


Installing Fans and Heaters (20 minutes)

  • Assessing the need for fans and/or heaters
  • Framing areas above the door and the back for installations
  • Safe installation practices


Finishing Touches: Greenhouse Flooring (20 minutes)

  • The importance of the right flooring material in a greenhouse
  • Laying down greenhouse flooring material on the dirt, grass, cement, or gravel floor
  • Benefits and care instructions


Maintenance and Care (20 minutes)

  • Regular checks and replacement schedules
  • Cleaning and maintaining your greenhouse for optimal growth
  • Troubleshooting common issues


Conclusion and Q&A (15 minutes)

  • Recap of the course
  • Answering questions from participants
  • Additional resources and references

Chapter 1: Course Overview

Chapter 2: Introduction

Chapter 3: Tools and Materials (15 minutes)

Chapter 4: Foundation and Framework (1 hour)

Chapter 5: Covering Your Greenhouse (45 minutes)

Chapter 6: Incorporating Ventilation (30 minutes)

Chapter 7: Back and Front Framing (30 minutes)

Chapter 8: Installing Fans and Heaters (20 minutes)

Chapter 9: Finishing Touches: Greenhouse Flooring (20 minutes)

Chapter 10: Maintenance and Care (20 minutes)

Chapter 11: Conclusion and Q&A (15 minutes)


Robert Breton

About Mentor

About: With a PhD in Soil Sciences from the University of Agronomy, Dr. John Greenfield has over 10 years of experience in the field of organic farming. He has been instrumental in pioneering sustainable practices that maintain soil health. A published author of three books on organic agriculture, Dr. John believes in imparting knowledge that ensures a better future for our planet.

Specialization: Soil Science and Sustainability

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